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How correctly use BricsCAD in Slovak language environment - fonts with diacritics?


we have trouble use BricsCAD with correct diacritics fonts. We are using .shx fonts but when not found, then FONTMAP replace font and broke diacritics.

What is the correct way working in BricsCAD with diacritics characters - Slovak language ?


  • @yard
    This is not really a technical problem. You say there is one method that MUST be used for things to be correct, but then ask if there is another way.
    It seems to me by definition, no, there is no other way than to provide the .shx to others that deal with the file.
    The same issue would happen in autocad and other dwg editors too, this is not bcad specific.

  • If I recall correctly the SHX fonts that come with BricsCAD support fewer character sets than those that come with AutoCAD.

  • @Roy Klein Gebbinck
    Well, just grab the .shx files from an acad user, Me if you ask, and problem solved.
    At our company, we point to same font folder for acad and bcad, so I never even bothered to look at what comes OOTB with Bcad.
    Shx files are not special to either platform, legally or technically from my experience.

  • I am not sure about the legalities involved. Although the _Etransmit command does add SHX fonts to its packages, so Bricsys and Autodesk actively assist in the redistribution of their fonts.

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