A0+ plotting


I’ve problems with plotting drawings bigger than A0-format in landscape mode.
For instance a size like 1400x841mm in portait mode, there is no problem but in landscape mode only a part of the drawing is plotted.
I’ve made several PC3files, with and without automatic rotation, but nothing works.
Plotter is a HP Designjet T520, and the latest driver has been downloaded.
My previous plotter, T790, had no problems with these sizes.
Anybody any idea where it is going wrong?

Regards, Peter


  • @Peter Bontekoe
    Not a great answer, but when we hit issues like this, we try plotting to pdf first, to see if that works.
    Then you can plot from acrobat to get the plot out, and mess with oddball hp drivers later.
    I get that you still mess with acrobat and the driver, but at least it gives you an option to experiment with.

  • Plotting to PDF works and then plot from Acrobat is the way I do now. But it it should be possible to plot without this intermediate step, I think.

    Regards, Peter

  • I think the typical fix is to make another paper size of same dims, but switch to fake portrait. Plotter drivers are always animals.

  • I have tried this option, but no solution. Alas, i must continue to go on first making a PDF-file for those big sizes in landscape mode.

    Regards, Peter

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