Extrude a rect also did a subtract - how to prevent it?

I extruded a rectangle (yellow) and the extrusion passed through an existing solid (green).

What I thought I would get is an interference pattern as a visual clue but the action did a subtract on the existing solid. All 4 pieces of the angle iron base were identical before the extrusion. Now two have cuts in their vertical sides.

I checked the EXTRUDE docs and saw no reference (that I understood) to change the behavior to not subtract, but to interfere. Is there a setting?


  • You need to set DMEXTRUDEMODE and PUSHPULLSUBTRACT to your liking.
    I guess the most intuitive setting for the former is 6, and 0 for the latter: This will allow you to DMEXTRUDE boundaries that lie on a solid's face to create holes or protrusions, without having to fear that you might alter other solids encountered on the way, and the same would apply if you DMPUSHPULL recognized boundaries.

  • Thank you. I'll look those setting up.

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