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I need a minimum system that's does simple 3D, what we used to call AutoCAD 2.5D.

Which version would be equal to basic AutoCAD and include the equivalent of AutoCAD's 3D Operations and Solid editing menu commands, see attached.

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  • James Maeding
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    Looks like the pro edition is the one. I never noticed classic did not have 3d solid editing commands.

  • James Maeding
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    Autocad and Bricscad are essentially clones. The workflows and commands are the same.
    Hopefully if you use cad for a living, you don't use the ribbon. I won't say too much on that but stick to your key-ins for commands.
    If you have acad at work, you should be able to get a home use seat if your company uses network seats, or use your "per user" seat at home by simply signing in at home. I assume you mean acad 2015 was last version, there was no R15...that the public knew about :)

  • Michael Mayer
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    You can customize your GUI in Bricscad as much as you want
    and use a much as you like or no palettes at all.
    Also it has a Clean Screen mode to (temporarily) switch between
    between your standard UI and a Clean Mode that hides everything
    or partly only with any parts you would like to keep in that mode.

    You can work completely in Command Line only if you prefer.
    And you can even shrink CL into Status Bar by double clicking in
    its input line.


  • Have a look at
    It would be rather the Platinum Edition....?

  • I think the 30 day free trial includes everything. So you can try it out and decide which 3D features you don't need.

  • to: Konstantin Sakellaris and James Maeding

    It appears that the Pro version has "3D Direct Modeling" and the Platinum version does "Freeform 3D Modeling" as well as "3D Direct".

    I was of the impression that the Pro edition was all I needed, but I don't know what the difference between "3D Direct Modeling" and "Freeform 3D Modeling".

    to: Anthony Apostolaros
    I don't want to download BricsCad until I am sure the software does what I need, for the money I am able to spend, for software I don't use all the time.

  • @BrianDubya
    You can't be sure til you try it, and bcad is like 400mb, not 5 gigglebytes like acad.
    It installs fast too. What actually is your budget, btw, just curious.

  • I'd prefer free, but . . . I had gotten used to the original price I saw for BricsCAD Pro at $850 (~) a while back. I should have bought it then, I guess.

    I have use for CAD infrequently at the house, but a few times a year I can use it.

    I have drawn my house in 3D for a remodel and now I am building some projects for the wife's garden, IN 3D, of course.

    I do CAD all day at work, so when at home I am not going crazy to do anything that resembles work, LOL, too many other things to do.

    But when I am going to build (or modify) something personal, I like to draw it full scale (model) and see how it all fits together. A problem with CAD users, I guess.

    I have a very busy life and might not be able to get a good feel for BricsCAD right away before the 30 day trial is up. If I KNOW it will do what I need it to do, there will be less pressure to hurry home and spend hours figuring out the program.

    I take it you have BricsCAD, how similar to the AutoCAD work process is it?

    I have been using AutoCAD since version 2.18 back in the early 80's and still (at work) use the Classic interface, I am too old to bother with the full, modern "Ribbon" version, LOL.

  • Your screenshot only shows options of the SOLIDEDIT command and some basic modeling features, all of which can be found in the PRO version.
    And you won't have to alter your workflow to use BricsCAD - I used AutoCAD from r10 to r15, and basically kept the habits I developed back in those days (relying on nothing but shortcuts and a menubar) unchanged until now, despite all the eye candy that BricsCAD offers now. It might take you some time to set up your preferred work environment, though (and yes, the price increase inflicted by the acquisition by Hexagon was a bitter pill to swallow for most users here).

  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited March 2020

    @BrianDubya said:
    I'd prefer free, but . . .

    Shape is free.

    Watch a 10-minute video demonstration here:

  • To Knut Hohenberg & James Maeding:
    I have used ACAD versions up to 2016 (nothing newer) but the company I currently work for uses ACAD 2007. I know, I know, dinosaurs.

    But those menus in the screenshot are the only ACAD 3D (2.5D?) commands and menus I have ever used. And I started doing 3D in 2005 at a shipyard.

    Since the Ribbon came out in 2010(?) I have turned it off and used the Classic interface. I am not hired to learn a new interface, but to produce drawings. The Ribbon moved and/or changed how commands were implemented, I had no time for that.

    PLUS, I like a clean screen with as much drawing surface as possible. The Ribbon steals a lot of monitor space, I don't like clutter.

    I use 2 minimum Menu Bars on either side of the screen. No menu's on the top of the screen other than the original "drop-down" menus. See attached.

    Is it possible to create a clean workspace (see attached) with BricsCad or are users stuck with the standard interface?

    My current employer uses a customized "walled in" version of XP, so we cannot upgrade ACAD anyway, or so I am told.

    I understand the newer versions of ACAD discarded the Classic Interface option anyway, Hmmm . . .

    My company does not share ACAD with their employees, so I cannot take a seat license home.

    To Anthony Apostolaros:
    Not sure what the Shape reference is about, but i wil l check it out.


    I will probably end up buying the Pro version of BricsCad assuming it has the capabilities I require for my home system.

  • To Anthony Apostolaros:

    Just looked at the Video about Shape and that is what I basically do with all my 3D.

    Thanks, and its free!


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