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SketchUp vs bricscad... Shape Bender

Anyone knows how to do this in bricscad??? I used to love this function...


  • Get the profile(yellow) of the wall and sweep it along any path curve(red) using the SWEEP command.
    As for the windows you can construct one vertical row (3 windows) in Z direction, create a block
    and insert the block along the path curve using the DIVIDE or MEASURE command with the insert Block option.
    Select entity to measure:
    Segment length [insert Block]:b
    Name of block to insert [? to list]:

    Select entity to divide:
    Number of segments [insert Block]: b
    Name of block to insert [? to list]:


    930 x 450 - 56K
  • Thank you for this. However, with shape Bender you call create ie a wall with windows, things, holes, for knobs etc... Then grab the entire entity and Bend it to any angle 0-360°
  • Transform Curve or Twist ?

    (Modeling : Direct Modeling : Deform : ...)

  • Ok I'll try that
  • Will likely work for a single Solid only ?

    Never tried these Tools.

  • @Anthony Apostolaros can you figure this one out?? LOL ;-)

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