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External referencing changes

Hi all, is there a way to get back to the original method for attaching external references? There used to be a dialog box that presented the options for attaching/overlaying/insertion point etc...
Using V20.


  • Thanks Roy but that doesn't address the query.

    Now in V20, to insert an xref you have to browse for the file as normal but then once selected, there is a series of commands you're prompted to respond to rather than a dialog box with options for attaching/overlaying etc. Is there a way to get that dialog box to come back? I don't want xrefs attaching as a standard...

    Cheers again.

  • edited March 18

    Judging from the current Help page, the advice in the other topic still applies. Maybe you are using the -Xref command?

    BTW: you can click on 'the current Help page' above. The CSS of the forum has changed so that links are almost unnoticeable. A very bad idea IMO.

  • Thanks Roy. I finally noticed the link in your response.

    So using the help ,the Attach External Reference dialog box only appears if you go through the drawing explorer. Annoying. It used to pop up when you entered "xr" as a command.

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