Stretch with grips

I want to strech a line, using grips. I grab the grip at the end I want to stretch, move it in the desired direction, type in the distance to stretch e.g. 20 on a line that is 50 long to start with. Hitherto, it's ended up 70 long, but now is 'retracting' to 20 long. The only Setting I can find is DYNPICOORDS - it's already set to [0] Relative; [1] Absolute makes no difference. Help>Grips Editing describes what I do, doesn't suggest why it's now working differently.


  • Louis Verdonck
    edited March 2020

    Hi Tom
    It's the DYNDIGRIP and DYNDIVIS variables that you have to check. The Extended Length option (bitcode 2) of the DYNDIGRIP variable displays the length increment. Use the TAB key to cycle the dynamic fieds when multiple options of DYNDIGRIP are selected.

  • I see - it's because extra fields have been added lately?

    To avoid having to tab thro the fields to get to Extended length (which sounds indistiguishable from Resulting length - bad naming) without tabbing, I have to switch off all the other fields, with DYNDIVIS = 2 (all).

    Any way to get Extended length to be highlighted by default, like before, when multiple tabs are switched on? If not, it's retrograde.

  • I didn't know it is possible to TAB switch.
    And TAB trick pretty hidden for users to find/recognize.

    Beside that, I think it is pretty cool.

  • I can only second Tom's remarks: Distance input while dragging an endpoint should yield identical results, regardless of the DYNMODE setting.
    Since the distance is measured from the dragged point when DYNMODE is off, this should also be the default when DYNMODE is on.

    And yes, the interdependencies of the DYN*-variables seem inexplicable, see also the oddities mentioned here.

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