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New user to BricsCAD trying to get my AutoCAD LISP to run

Hi I am a new user to BricsCAD after years of experience with AutoCAD. I have a routine that places the bearing and distance on any line work you select. The routine works great in AutoCAD however for some reason does not run in BricsCAD?

Can anyone please provide help in what I need to change to get it to work in BricsCAD.



  • Interesting, just trying to load the lisp gives:
    ; ----- Error around expression -----
    ; (STRCAT TXT "
    " X)

    that is from line 83, which is:
    (mapcar '(lambda (x) (setq txt (strcat txt x dv))) l_lst)

    acad gives no error on that. That would be easy to recode without mapcar, and Torsten will have to look at this as you have likely found a minor incompatibility. He generally solves those each update, so may have to wait a bit.

    I don't have time to recode that line at the moment, as I have to study mapcar a bit. This link has the info to expand into a loop:

  • btw, obviously you are seeing your posts do get posted. This forum is odd that way, but first click does work.

  • Thanks James, sorry about the multiple posts. When I tried to post my question I kept getting an error on screen telling me to try again in 30 seconds time. So as you can see I did that a few times until it worked. I didnt know it had actually posted it.

  • Hi Jesu & James,

    I can't see any attached Lisp file ? But seems, James got the file ... is it the same as on your second post/topic, that Jason fixed ?
    many greetings !

  • its gone now, here it is

    Bearing and Distance.lsp
  • Thank you James ... seems, it is the same as Jason already fixed in Jesu's same-named second topic :-)

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