Publish DWG's in v2020

Today I was publishing some DWG's in Brics v2020. I am familiar with this option for a while now. I have ~17 layout models in 3 DWG's. In the morning everything went well. The only problem was with tiff image of company's stamp that didn't plot. Then I opened PdfExport in Options and just saw the info. Nothing else. Now, Publish is only working with one layout at a time. I don't know what might be the problem since I didn't change any settings. Anyone familiar with this? Please help because I am very dependant on this option!
Thank you!


  • Can you post a screen shot of options dialog, for plot and publish?
    Also, did anything change with the pc3? You should mention the plotter driver you are using - adobe, one from acad, bluebeam, pdf exchange....

  • Update:
    I solved the problem and, of course, the solution was quite simple. I didn't bound XREF's. And I simply couldn't remember if I should do that or not. So i simply just kept on publishing! :) But there is now another problem and that is that plotter won't plot company's logo that is inserted in DWG as tif file. It is shown in PDF created but not ploted. I don't know if that can be ploter's driver or something else. If anyone had similar problems, please post possible solution. Thank you!

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