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Mechanical workflow

I'm new in bricscad mechanical, but i have experience in Sketchup and Solidworks.
Is there a document in which I can understand the mechanical workflow?
I have a lot of question that I post here, to start quickly. The purpose is to eavaluate the product and replace the Solidworks license.
* How to rename components.
* How to import geometry from outside a component, into it.
* How to cut a beam such HEB in 45° degrees.
* How to handle layers.


  • Hi mecdep,

    There are several guides and tutorials on the Bricsys webpage to help you understand the best mechanical workflow, which you can find here:

    For your questions:
    * To rename a component you should save the file with the new name and use the command BMREPLACE on the relevant component to exchange it for the new component.
    * I am not entirely sure what you mean by your second question, do you want to create a multi-body part? Could you provide some more info?
    * This depends on the nature of the beam. If you place a beam from our standard part library (Components panel) you will have to use the command BMDISSOLVE first to convert it to a solid body. Then you can use the direct modeling tools such as slice, extrude or rotate to create a 45° cut.
    * To learn about the layers I suggest you take a look at this post from the Bricsys blog:

    For any other questions you might have it can be useful to take a look at our Help center:

    I hope this helps!

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