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Mouse Zoom very slow Version 20.2.06

Hy Guys I updated BricsCAD to the Version 20.2.06 and since the update the mouse zoom acts very slow. I already tried to set the Zoomfactor higher and the resolution lower but it didn`t work out.
Is there someone with a similar problem?


  • I did not notice a slowdown on 20.2.06 on Linux.
    Since you already checked ZOOMFACTOR and VIEWRES, the remaining culprit might be AntiAliasScreen - see the warning in the settings dialog.

  • AntiAliasScreen didn`t make a change and there is no warning in the settings dialog.
    But thanks for your answer.

  • I was referring to the attached help text at the bottom of the settings window.
    Did you check if the problem is independent of particular drawings and visual styles?

    760 x 120 - 17K
  • I also tried different visual styles and different drawings but it

    s not solving the problem at all.
    I also looked a second time because of the antialiasscreen it
    s turned off so thats also not the Problem.
    Thanks for your answer.
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