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  • I read that, and when people start saying "things are not fair, make them fair", I start to wonder if they think straight.
    My old boss would say "Fair is a thing that comes to our County once a year, and you ride the roller coasters, and it leaves the next month".
    If one vendor such as Autodesk has the best stuff, they should be charging us through the nose for it, and using that to its complete and utter advantage.
    What we should do is find or develop alternatives, and decide what makes us more money.
    This thing of just complaining is music to Autodesk's ears. In fact, they should worry a bit if we don't complain, like they left money on the table.
    Adults know this so I am wondering why they fall right into these traps.

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    @James Maeding said:
    If one vendor such as Autodesk has the best stuff ...

    But do they? Complaints about Revit seem to say no, and buyers feel more trapped, than driven to choose 'the best'.

    Like James, I find the buyers' whingeing complaints strange, but for a different reason - why do they stay trapped, why not do what it takes to make the break, walk with their money to one of the several alternatives?

    The network effect, where the the reasons to use the product that everyone else is using lead to monopolistic stagnation of the market, thankfully do not really apply, or not nearly so strongly, in the CAD, or wider the AEC, world. The market is far from stagnant, full of new-thinking newcomers, who are not automatically bought up and shut down, or weakly copied, by the majors. Even Adesk's buying spree is not to that end, and really the only AEC products than are stagnant are theirs.

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