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Bricscad V21 Release

I think Bricscad V21 is, again, a great release.

Might be boring but I appreciate any improvement efforts under the hood,
like speed improvements and and going on improving long existing tools.

Also I really like "boring" things like "Drawing Optimization" tools to repair
and clean up file and geometry and their grouping in GUI Ribbon.

As so many clients in commercial buildings use revit, Revit Exchange is a
Big Deal.

New AI tools, that you never knew you would need to have, like
BIMQUICKBUILDING are already impressing in their first release.
Or Point Cloud 3D Face or Plan recognition.

And ...
the reworked Tool Icons for Dark Mode are really great.


  • @Michael Mayer
    Have you tried on point clouds with say, 20 million pts?
    I need to test that. Also, I figured out that the bricscad processing of pt clouds goes much faster if you have it as .rcp, the adesk format.
    I wonder if that is still the case. Recap is not a program I like, so I use trimble business center which can save as .rcp much faster than recap does.
    Pt clouds in acad are semi-broken as the osnap to node has serious issues. Hoping bcad will rise to the top on that.

  • I have not yet tried point clouds yet.
    Are there any useful demo files of buildings you can recommend.

    (I am aware the that I can bring even Bricscad v21 to its knees with
    a few thousand loose 3D Faces though)
    But love Bricscad's last years variable point sizes for point clouds
    for different resolutions.

    There is still so much to play with for me ....

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