LISP Crash, does not make sense

Got a new printer for home, loader HP printer driver, worked good.
Created *.pc3 from HP Driver.
Created Plot Lisp routine which crashed @ paper size (line 15).
Lisp attached (BPEC-H.lsp).
Had to add line 19, below.
"" ;Returns default which is <11×17>, Why is this needed!
The default <11×17> is what the Lisp asked for.
Why did it NOT work w/out adding the "" ?
Sure, I should be thrilled I found the work around, but I want to know why 11x17 didn’t work when it was the printer driver data.
Lines 16,17,18 explain the crash/fix.
Thank you in advance for any help in understanding the "why" of it.


  • I think you need to run plot as -Plot to see what the command line wants.

  • James,
    Appreciate your help.
    Unless I misunderstand what you are saying, that is how the lisp is written:

    (Command "-Plot"
    "Yes" ;Detailed plot configuration?
    "" ;Enter a layout name, Returns ext'g Tab Name
    "HP-Color-LazerJet-CP5225n-B.pc3" ;Enter an output device name
    "11x17" ;Enter paper size
    ;;"Enter paper size or ? <11×17>:11x17Paper '11x17' not found"
    ;;Crashed here, returned above text (in quotes)
    ;;Had to add next line for the lisp to run. WHY?!!!
    "" ;Returns ext'g; Why is this needed!
    "Inches" ;Enter paper units

    Notice the <11x17> is the default (line 5 above); my guess is because it is the setting for the paper size in the pc3 file.
    Any other ideas?
    Or do I misunderstand what you trying to say?

  • The first 'x' on line 16 is actually not an 'x' but another character.

  • Roy,
    Ah, you have good eyes, I didn't notice that.
    But when I type a 'x' beside the 'other character', sure enough they are not the same animal.
    Attachment shows both, 1st 'x' is an actual 'x', 2nd 'x' is the 'other character'; note how it is centered & not aligned as the other text is.
    Now the question is where did this 'other character' come from?
    Looked in the printer Preferences & Properties & there is no way to change the text where the paper size for 11x17 is shown; it is by selection only.
    So perhaps the driver data for the paper size is where the errant character came from. Not sure how to fix that.
    Thanks for your help, I never would have noticed the 'other character', but now I will be looking for similar 'other character' weirdness if other strange things like this happen in other lisp routines.
    If you have a solution editing out the 'other character' please let me know.

  • Attachment wouldn't load in previous post.
    2nd try.

  • You may need to make a custom sheet size that is 11x7, I used a copy and paste once before to get the correct title and not miss something think it was acad. Not sure though where to try and copy the line in Briscad.

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