nil in lisp routine not working



  • It's been a long time James, I'm glad you moved higher level.

    I still know how to program, and reached OBJECT, and others...made AutoCAD do things other only dreamed of.., but now I'm just working in Revit (started programming that, but stopped, and also was teaching ALL disciplines) and Lumion. Once this lock down is over and COV is controlled, sure let do lunch.

  • Oh, by the way...yeah, I also thought on how to triangulate the points from point clouds that AutoCAD read, and make solid surfs, so that it would translate to Revit walls XYZ tolerances, and round up points also a face to generate the 4 points or polygons.

  • As for the SSGET, are you using filters '((... . "....")) so that you only get what you're looking for... sorry didn't have time to read the entire thread.

  • Never mind... just re-read.

  • Since you're using doors and windows, I wrote MASI Doors and MASI Windows, I can give you the free code.

    It also generates a database of anonymous doors and windows with Xdata.

    You can even remove the openings, and it will both cut, remove, clean (walls with 2d lines). and all you draw is with simple lines. Can be taken to 3d by accessing xdata and solidifying.

  • @RudyT
    Sounds interesting. I do the stuff below the buildings usually though.
    Are you into .net these days?

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