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my colleagues are running in some problems creating lots of layouts.
The question popped up if it is possible to have viewports where I can manage the displayed layers globally.
So Viewports have defined layer states, on, off frozen in viewport etc. that is linked to different layouts.
This is what I want:
I have 3 layouts with "viewport 1", 3 Layouts with "viewport 2" and 4 Layouts with "viewport 3"
The projects get a twist and I have to change many things, so my visibility in the layouts are not any more valid.
Now when I want to change the displayed layers in the viewports, I have to select every viewport in every layout once so at least 10 time.
If I have a predefined Viewport setting I just have to select 3 ,the 3 Viewport settings, and change them to achieve the same solution.
With just a few layouts this is manageable but if you have hundreds of layouts, then selecting every layout is a lot of work.

A behavior for the viewports like a block, if I change the block it will change all blocks in the drawing

Would it be possible to develop this?


  • You did not say if those settings must be "per viewport". In general, just use global layer settings and all layouts will obey.
    Maybe you mean you also have other layouts that have different settings.
    For those, do use the non-global layer settings.
    Now, if you have a mix of say, four kinds of viewports that you want global settings for, you could make a tool for that.
    You would have it gather the viewport handles, and the desired layer settings, and it would apply those at a later time if you need.

    I have similar issues, as we do one sheet (layout), per drawing in a planset.
    So in that case, I would loop through many files and apply the settings.
    Now we have hit on one of the most needed, but missing tools for dwg makers.
    We need a "multi dwg layer manager" that allows changing layer settings in many files.
    The trick there is how the interface should be. We have had the ability to make the tool forever.
    If you wanted "per viewport" control, you would have to get the vport handles at some point in each sheet.
    You could also use layer or geometry to choose them. I think layer is the best way.
    Anyway, yep, we need a better global layer change tool.

  • You can try: (the BKG_ViewportMatch command).

  • James Maeding
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    @Roy Klein Gebbinck
    nice, I never saw your web page before.
    From what I saw, you are offering .des so no .net dll's.
    I also do tons of lisp but if you ever want guidance on setting up commands in a .net project, I'm always around.
    I totally lose track of who programs what so this offer goes to anyone wanting to start with .net.
    I do both lisp and .net so know how to have those talk to each other if interested.
    That "global layer manager" is definitely one I would do in .net since its dialog intensive.
    I just remembered you are the linux guy though, right? I think we've gone over this so sorry if amnesia is kicking in.

  • In a previous discussion with you I have defended Linux as the professional OS that it is. I have used it in the past, but I would not call myself 'the Linux guy'.

    You can create a 'multi dwg layer manager' without custom dialogs I think. All you need from the user is a source file and a list of one or more target files.

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