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show polygon area while drafting it ?.


I am starting a land subdivision and, being new to Bricscad, wondered if it's possible to dynamically show the area of a closed polyline as I move one side of it? Is there a setting in Bricscad or a LISP routine available to show this? Similar to how the line tool shows the length and angle while it's being drawn.



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    Just keep the Properties panel open while you adjust it.

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  • If you were to consider third party software, the parameter labels in DotSoft's MapWorks react to grip editing and change instantly. In this example, a grip edit was made to the center vertex (of 4 polylines) and all labels change immediately after picking the new point.

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  • Changing area of a poly can be done simply using fields no need for other software.

  • Fields only update on REGEN (or other commands), not when the linked geometry is being modified. AA's PROPs suggestion is the best answer using the stock product.

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