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C#: Understand if a document is modified or not

Hi all!
I've a problem described in depth in this discussion:

Can you answer to my two questions?



  • You can mark a document as changed - just change it :)))) For example, change any system variable.
    However, there is no way you can uncheck the change. There is no such API and should not be. Just save the drawing.

  • There is the DBMOD system variable (per database/document), a bit-coded flag, which indicates whether & what has been modified in the database/drawing;
    so inspecting DBMOD should be ok ?
    many greetings !

  • @avc
    The problem is that writing (adding) a new property programmatically doesn't change the document, while doing the same thing by GUI does.

    @Torsten Moses
    Your hint works when you work with the GUI. That is, adding (or changing) a custom property thru GUI checks the Database variable modified box in the Modification Status table (Setting\Settings). However, it doesn't when doing the same working with API.


  • Hello, Piero,
    I see ... have you tried latest V21.1.07 (English version is available yet) ... I recall that an issue with the drawing properties had been fixed.
    If still present, then it is best to create a SupportRequest (but tracker ticket), so that we have it in our defects database, and we will work to get this fixed.
    many greetings !

  • @Torsten Moses
    Thanks for your reply.
    Unfortunately I tested it with V21.1.06.
    So, next Monday I'll download #07 version, test it again and let you know. In case, I'll open a tracker ticket.

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