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Working with tables, how to force a comma to show up for numbers

Coming from AutoCAD I could create a table in a drawing and input numbers into it. If the number was anything greater than 999 then AutoCAD would automatically add the necessary comma at the thousands or millions place. I have searched high and low in all of the help forums and cannot figure out how to force this behavior in table in BricsCad


  • This is a Autocad solution not sure how in BRICSCAD I am sure can get at it program wise just need to find the correct variable in Table definition

    1094 x 706 - 92K
  • I had a deeper look and found this but there must be though a over riding top level setting. It will be part of the table dictionary, I just looked at a table. It is feasible to update all the cells via a lisp.

    (vla-getcellformat Obj 2 0)
    "%lu2%th44" is the thousands format for a cell

    Command: (vla-getText Obj 2 2)

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