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Layer Colours in BIMSECTION sections?

Hello gang,

I'm very new to BricsCAD, and am struggling to control the appearance of the calculated BIMSECTIONs. Namely, I need to be able to have Flow Segments / pipes coloured ByLayer in the calculated sections. I've had no luck in defining my own layers and assigning my Flow Segments to them, or assigning them to an existing layer. They always get lumped down to Layer 0 in the section.

Curiously, I have an imported block (3d DWG exported from Revit), which retains its colour in the calculated section. I cannot discern why this layer (L-PLNT) is retained in the section & retains its colour, while my layers are not.

I found a thread from 2017 which discusses this: ... it speaks in terms of material assignment. I have not been able to apply what I read there.

Can anyone provide some guidance?

Much appreciated!

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