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Plugin compatible with AutoCad and BricsCad

I made a plugin for AutoCad and can load it successfully. I am now working on BricsCad compatibility but am unable to get it to work with BricsCad. I added a comparative if statement to switch which namespaces and using statements are being used for each program but I cannot get it to work, any help would be appreciated.

Here is my source:

EDIT: Sorry apparently I posted this three times.


  • avcavc
    edited September 21

    I see that the only project in the solution is still tied to the AutoCAD libraries. In theory, you cannot compile it. Or am I bad looking? It seems that you are trying to create one dll that will work in all programs. It won't work that way.

  • edited September 22

    In the lisp world you have Autocad FAS in Bricscad you have DSE. Same code just compiled in correct platform.

  • How do I compile it for bricscad then?

  • Remove references to AutoCAD libraries from the project. And tell us what happens when the library is loaded. How do you load the plugin?

  • I was missing a reference in the code that I didn't put into the #if. That fixed it Thanks!

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