V22 documentation issues

Are the on-line documentation and help files now the only available versions? If so, that would be most unfortunate.

Beyond the inconvenience of needing to be on-line to access the documentation (which is not always convenient or even possible), there is the not insignificant issue of not being able to add personal notes, comments, or highlighting to remote documents.


  • Dear Richard,
    there should be a download link for a PDF documentation ? At least, it was there till V21 :-) I didn't check yet, but that offline PDF should still be available ?
    many greetings !

  • Hi, Torsten! I agree there should be a link but believe me, I looked (and looked and looked). Starting at the product documentation page and working down through likely links, I couldn't find any for the offline help files. Maybe I missed it?

    From the metadata in the PDF file, it looks like the V21 offline help was created using MiKTeX from LaTeX source files. I'm guessing that the same LaTeX files would have been used to generate both the HTML files for online help and the offline PDF version. (Disclaimer: I also use MiKTeX as a front end to LaTex to produce PDF documentation. Down with MS Word!)

    So the missing link to the offline files may be a simple oversight from when the website was redesigned.

  • I will add a note for our web development team :-)
    Offline PDF should be available, for sure ...
    many greetings !

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