Hatching issues

My drawings consist of lots of boxes, which contain a number and are hatched, unhatched and resized a lot.
I have been struggling with this since moveing to Bricsacad.
In my old cad package, if i stretched a hatched box in any direction; the hatch stretched with it.
If i then deleted the hatch, the box outline and number would remain.
I cant get Bricscad to replicate this.
if i set it so the hatch stretches with the box as i want it, deleting the hatch deletes everything; box number the lot.
What combination of hatch settings do i need to get back to what i am used to?
Any info greatly apreciated.


  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited January 2023
    E_Dicker said:

    .... deleting the hatch deletes everything; box number the lot. ....

    I've never seen that, and can't think of any way to make it happen.

    As far as the rest: for stretches using grips or the Scale command, the hatch should stretch along with the box if the hatch is associative, or if both are selected. If all 3 are selected, the number should Scale along with the others.

    Whether or not new hatches are associative is controlled by the HPASSOC variable. The default value is on. The associativity of an existing hatch can be turned off in the Properties panel.

    How are you creating the box, number, and hatch? I assumed the box is a polyline, created with Rectang or Polygon, and the number is a Text or Mtext, and the hatch is created using the Select Entities option of Hatch.

    How are you stretching?

    What was your old cad package?
  • Tom Foster
    edited January 2023
    In v23 I'm finding that with any modification involving a hatch, the surrounding lines get turned into a polyline and, even though separarely selectable, the polyline gets deleted along with the hatch if I try that. Trying to reverse that by exploding turns the hatch into numerous triangular pieces.
  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited January 2023
    Tom, is all that true of non-associative hatches as well, or only associative ones?
  • Thanks for geting back to me, had some PC issues so sorry for the delay.
    previously i used Acad R14, 2002 and 2014.
    The box is a closed polyline, we have a lisp to add the numbers as text and one to generate the hatch to our layer/colour settings.
    If i select the corner of a box and move it using grips, it moves both hatch and box; if i use the stretch command it moves just the box.
    Due to my issues, i had to get the cad spare going and that does still have 2014 on it.
    I have just hatched a box in that and using the stretch command, both box and hatch stretch.
    The same drawing opened on My pc, in Bricsad; only stetches the box not the hatch.
    The settings say it is associative in 2014, but making it so in Brics; does does not promote the same behavour. attched are screenshots of the hatche edit boxes for both packages.

  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited January 2023
    E_Dicker said:

    The same drawing opened on My pc, in Bricsad; only stetches the box not the hatch.
    The settings say it is associative in 2014, but making it so in Brics; does does not promote the same behavour. ....

    I don't use the Stretch command, but when I tried it just now in my v17, the hatch stretched together with the box, as long as the hatch was associative and the crossing selected both. If I select them with a window, it doesn't really stretch anything; it just moves the whole selection set, regardless of whether the hatch is associative. If the hatch is associative, they move together instead of stretching even if I've only selected the box.

    Are you using v23? That thing Tom reported makes it sound like there are major changes in hatches for v23. Usually they only make such changes because Autodesk has done the same thing. They're very concerned with compatibility. So I would guess that the newest version of Autocad works the same way. Have you tried it?

    Last I heard, a Bricscad license entitles you to use any older version as well. So you're not necessarily stuck with new features you don't like. Instead of reverting to Autocad 2014, you could try Bricscad v22.

  • Hi delayed reply agian sorry. yes i am using V23 and it was the same in V22, never had v17 but do have v18 so will try it in that as a test but would rather stay working in the latest version.
  • I did not notice any change in V23, the problem seems to stay as it always was:
    The stretch command does not work on hatch boundaries.
    So, if the hatch is associative, stretching the boundary objects will have the hatch follow, but if it isn't, you have to revert to grip editing to adjust it. I complained about this a long time ago, and assumed it wasn't fixed because AutoCAD exposes the same behavior... if that is not true, it has to be regarded a defect, and you should open a SR for this issue (or drop a line here, if you want me to do that).

    If your hatches are in fact associative (verify using the list command) but do not get stretched nonetheless (= loose their associativity when stretched), it would definitely be a bug. Before sending in your file (attached to a SR), check if audit doesn't clear the problem.
  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited February 2023
    I don't have Autocad, and never used the Stretch command when I did, but internet scuttlebutt suggests that it works the same way. If so, Bricsys probably won't want to depart from that practice. I think people switching from AC complain when anything is even slightly different.
    This video, from a year ago, says the Stretch command in AC doesn't work on non-associative hatches.
    Someone in this forum says that the Stretch command used to work on hatches before 2000.

    Maybe some people like being able to stretch without including hatches. With anything else, you could just turn off its layer before doing the stretch. But an associative hatch would stretch even if you can't see it. So the only way to exclude a hatch would be to make it non-associative.
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