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First V11 beta on linux

Hello All,

Bricscad (Linux) 11.1.8 BETA is now available.



          o DYNMODE variable: controls whether dynamic dimensions are available while creating/editing entities.
          o DYNMODE can be switched ON/OFF using the new DYNMODE button on the status bar.
          o DYNDIVIS variable: specifies how many dynamic dimensions are displayed simultaneously.
          o DYNDIGRIP variable: specifies which dynamic dimension types are displayed.
          o DynDimColorHover setting: specifies the color of dynamic dimensions when hovering over a grip point.
          o DynDimColorHot setting: specifies the color of dynamic dimensions when moving grip points.
          o DynDimLineType setting: specifies the line type of dynamic dimensions when moving grip points.
          o DynDimDistance setting: specifies a factor for the distance between the dynamic dimensions line and the grip points being dimensioned.
    * DYNAMIC BLOCKS: insertion of dynamic blocks and modification of properties through the properties bar have been implemented, so existing dynamic block libraries can be leveraged.
    * SELECTIONAREA, WINDOWAREACOLOR, CROSSINGAREACOLOR and SELECTIONAREAOPACITY variables control whether, and how, the selection area is visualized.
    * MIDPOINT SNAP: the MTP (midpoint-between-two-points) command modifier can be used at any Command prompt to locate a point by keying in MTP or M2P.
    * PARALLEL SNAP: constrains a line, polyline segment, ray or xline to be parallel to another linear entity.
    * PARALLEL command: toggles the parallel snap setting.
          o CACHELAYOUT setting: controls whether the content of layouts is cached, making layout switching up to 10 times faster. Caching requires extra memory, but while implementing the cache mechanism we could reduce the memory needed to display entities. The net result is that the memory needed to display drawings has been reduced, even when layout caching is activated.
    * HPSEPARATE: the hatch dialog now offers the possibility to create separate hatches when clicking subsequent points to detect and create hatch boundaries.
    * MTEXT: added support for background masks.
    * CREATEVIEWPORTS variable: controls if a new viewport is created for newly created layouts.


    * LISP
          o SR19622: Fixed a problem with (read-line) with UTF encoded files. Srings read by (read-line) function from UTF encoded files were stored with the physical length as stored in file, instead of using the logical length of the strings - in result, such strings were shown with trailing \000 characters at command line, and (strlen) returned physical length.
          o SR19625: Fixed a problem with (vlax-xxx) functions dealing with SAFEARRAY data type. Before this fix, storing and retrieving strings with SAFEARRAY could result in memory corruption and Lisp engine crash (segmentation fault).
          o SR19666, SAFEARRAY with VARIANT objects: SafeArrayGetElement() and SafeArrayPutElement() did not correctly store and retrieve VARIANT objects.
          o SR19668: Fixed problems when writing to file. Mixed ANSI and UNICODE content could be written to the same file.
          o SR19686: Fixed a bug using ESCAPE key while DCL dialog was active. This issue could cause unhandled exceptions.
          o SR19760: Added support of home folder alias tilde "~" for file handling functions. Before this fix using the tilde "~" character for user home folder did not work with Lisp file functions like (findfile "~/name.lsp"), (load "~/name.lsp") and similar.
          o SR19763: Fixed (vl-string->list) behaviour. As opposed to the (ascii) function, (vl-string->list) did not convert the characters to system ANSI codepage.
    * ACADVER was increased to 17.2
    * SR17381 - CUI: when the user did not have write access to the main CUI file, attempts to save the file caused an 'application became unstable' alert. Now, a more appropriate message is shown.
    * SR22272 - TIME variables: when creating a new drawing from a template, the time variables were taken from the template drawing. This has been corrected:
          o TDCREATE, TDUPDATE, TDUCREATE, TDUUPDATE are set to the current time.
          o TDINDWG and TDUSRTIMER are reset to zero.
    * SR26014 - XDATA: introduced copying of xdata when dimstyle was modified.
    * SR26365 - MTEXT EDITOR:
          o Error occurred when editing mtext residing at YZ-plane, viewed from the X direction.
          o The Width adjustment box now has a fixed size of 30x20 pixels, instead of a size relative to the mtext's text height.
    * SR26445 - LAYOUT SWITCH: if caching of layouts is active (CACHELAYOUT = On), entities on viewport-frozen layers could be missing from the display when switching to other layouts.
    * MTEXT: improved justification of MTEXT and multiple and single line attributes.
    * SHADEMODE: highlighted edges were not visible because only faces were drawn.
    * VIEWPORTS: frame of active PS viewport should be visible even if the viewport is on frozen or off layer.
    * SR16102 - LIST: 1. Multiple blank lines were eliminated in SORT modes. 2. Text screen flickering while switching to Sort/Sequential mode has been avoided.
    * SR16373 - LIST command: added support for MLEADER entities.
    * SR16506 - HATCH: hatches were invisible eventhough their number of dashes was still far below the MAXHATCH threshold.
    * SR19167 - HATCH: the definition of the GRAVEL1 hatch pattern was corrected.
    * SR19600, SR20185, SR26202 - AUDIT, RECOVER: fixed for drawings with duplicate entries in symbol table.
    * SR19972, SR21418, SR24232: WBLOCK ALL incorrectly handled paperspace entities.
    * SR23747 - PICKSTYLE: added support for associative hatches when PICKSTYLE=2.
    * SR23766 - DRAWORDER: command did not allow to select entities on locked layers.
    * SR23884 - DISPLAY: during loading, the multiline attribute position was shifted for certain fonts.
    * SR24068 - SNAP MARKER: if snapping was explicitly activated during ZOOM command, snap markers were not drawn.
    * SR24109 - DIMSCALE: leader text had zero-height if DIMSCALE was 0.
    * SR24353, SR24885 - VIEW RESTORE: should restore view in active viewport instead of whole model space.
    * SR24435 - TEXT: text in user-provided drawing was shown in the wrong location on open.
    * SR24511 - MATCHPROP: behavior was not compatible if entities were preselected.
    * SR24618 - SNAP: fixed snapping to SPLINE.
    * SR24666 - PEDIT: snap was not working during EDIT stage.
    * SR24708 - MTEXT EDITOR: when using a locale different from Us_EN, formatting double precision numbers intermittently failed.
    * SR24732 - DRAWING EXPLORER: incorrect number of block references is reported in Drawing Explorer for copied blocks
    * SR24859 - INSERT: Drawings that contain an AcDbTextStyleRecord with empty name field (name is "") could not be inserted into another one.
    * SR24890, SR26055 - MULTIPLE: failed to repeat commands entered as global name with underscore in localized versions (e.g. _MULTIPLE _CIRCLE).
    * SR24987 - OPEN: drawing could not be opened because it contained a NULL block. Solved by erasing the erronuous block.
    * SR25073 - SAVE: user-provided drawing could not be saved in dwg2010 format.
    * SR25079, SR25153 - CIRCLE TTR: fixed construction of a circle tangent to a closed polyline using TTR mode (Tangent-Tangent-Radius).
    * SR25132 - CMDACTIVE variable:was not set to 1 if a system variable was being changed directly by typing its name.
    * SR25158 - CHAMFER: failed for two lines located at large coordinates.
    * SR25324 - HATCH: fixed crash when trying to detect a boundary in an area consisting of many parallel line segments.
    * SR25336 - EXTENTS: extents of block references should not include extents of invisible attributes.
    * SR25432 - ATTEXT: fixed wrong cyclic reference detection while extracting attributes from nested blocks.
    * SR25448 - GRIP EDIT: allowed to edit entities on locked layers.
    * SR25461 - COORDINATE DISPLAY: the coordinate display mode was not reset after canceling the POLYLINE command.
    * SR25532 - MTEXT EDITOR: applied incorrect text justification.
    * SR25712 - INSERT: fixed a crash on insertion of uniform scaling block, also 'Insert' dialog behavior was corrected for uniforml scaled blocks.
    * SR25807 - TRIM: when an insert was selected before starting the command, a crash occurred.
    * SR25945 - UCS: fixed default y dir calculation of 3point option - now it is cross product of z axis and x dir instead of the former simple shift in y axis from origin point.
    * SR25951 - GRIP EDIT: command names used for grip editing were corrected (i.e. 'GRIP STRETCH' was used instead of 'GRIP_STRETCH').
    * SR25957 - SHADEMODE: fixed error when displaying unresolved 'ByLayer' color (entity had 'ByLayer' color, and the layer as well).
    * SR26043, SR25882 - TXTEXP command: last straight segments after curved ones in TTF text contours were processed incorrectly, leading to chamfering of adjacent corners.
    * SR26134 - TABSURF, REVSURF: fixed processing of LwPolylines.
    * SR26221 - SNAP: intersection snap between two parallel polylines that were just slightly apart (<= 1e-6) was failing.



  • Global menu NOT WORK in ubuntu 10.10. NOT WORK!

    Please help!

  • In "naked" system all works. And this problem not in options /home.

  • Have Bricscad 10.6.11. May I replace it with 11.1.8 Beta? Any suggestion?

  • Maximiliano Meilan,

    I downloaded the version 11 and when I installed it on my Ubuntu system it left version 10 intact, so both version 10 and 11 are working. If you had a problem with 11 you could use 10 instead.

  • V11 beta + Dynamic input + Zooming = Segmentation fault


  • The premises there are all, but i was hoping in a new rewriting code of graphic area, for better speed and refresh. In this moment if i attach jpg files, the drawing area is too slow compared with autocad.

    Also i see a bug. If i move or i insert new the vertical bar, this items does not return to its place.

    Thanks for your hard work.


  • BRX and SVG support?

  • I'm impressed how much faster V11 seem to be when panning and zooming.

    But I notice that the commandline focus loss issue is not yet solved, this precludes adoption production-wise. I hope it will be fixed in the stable release.

  • As for me I am disappointed about v11

    developmant is lay in the increasing feature list. v10 is full of bugs that interfere normal working. many focus problems(very annoying). Print format  different from default.

    Have no information about plans to fix them.

    to devs or managers. Please make BricsCAD workable first, before you add any new features.

    1. focus, focus, focus, focus (like devs,devs,devs,devs by balmer)

    - start new BC session, file>new (or open existed one) - loose focus

    - in new file draw line, select it, change layer in properties dialog from 0 to defpoints for example. Try "esc" to reset selection - loose focus

    - select line, press ctrl+1 for properties dialog > -lose focus (for "esc" in graphic and other keys in command line, also F1-12)

    - select line, type in cmd la> close dialog -lose focus

    - select line, type in cmd b> close dialog -lose focus

    sure it much more

    2010-09-27  another focus problem (26054) Fix Scheduled


    /> env LANG=en_EN.UTF8 date

    Wed Nov  3 09:20:55 EET 2010

    good stuff :(

    2. printer dialog (that was ready) still no work


    3. file>drawing properties>custom





    and more, and more, and more

    I'm sorry but WTF dynamic mode is need for?

    did you torture users and have satisfaction of this? If i have no focus I can use qcad ce... come on guys, made something that realy make sense.



  • I completly agree with Andrey.
    I believe in the "to do list" for Bricscad for Linux there should be:
    - In the first place the focus automatically in every situation since I open Bricscad
    - Second in the final chance to work seamlessly with files that contain large images (comparing with Autocad)
    - Third in the possibility to completely configure the plotter (in which I expect will be the ability to print using the PC's memory in order not to overload the printer)
    - Fourth in the possibility to configure the graphical user interface with toolbars place we turn.

    I understand that it is commercially more attractive a product that has many functions, but basic functions should work and work well.
    Needless to purchase a car with airbags, air conditioning, cameras, televisions ... then if the wheels of a bicycle;)
    This is supposed to be an encouragement, not criticism .... for now
    Come on guys! :)

  • Thanks S Schuller.

    @Cielito & Andrey

    I understand that V10 have significant problems like focus, but I think that is important that Linux have the same version of Windows. Windows have years of developement, not Linux (only 1 year), so for me is comprensible that still have bugs. I hope that this is a temporary situation.

    Of course, some critical bugs needs fixes.

  • I do not understand why they need to have the same version. The only reason could be the attractiveness of trade, as I said above. If the development on Linux is newer, it is obvious that the version will be lower. If the programs have the same version, users expect the same quality. Because it's not (where I work we have a version for Windows and a Linux version) you could create unrest in the people or simply to believe that the same program on windows is better than on Linux. These are just personal considerations. Bricsys I think he did a great job creating this cad. Now he must keep it.In the philosophy of Linux, which I guess we all know about this forum, there's a concept: do one thing, but do it well. Then make the perfect present functions would seem to me more important than putting new ones.

  • @Maximiliano Meilan  Thanks a lot for your understanding.  It is indeed important that Bricscad has the same version on Windows and Linux.

    In time we aim to reach the same maturity on Linux as on Windows.  Almost by definition this cannot be reached in a short time.

    We are aware that bringing out V11 on Linux is not as important as fixing some important bugs.  But mind that moving forward to V11 makes internal development easier.  Ongoing development and improvements are always committed to our newest development version.  The longer we stick to an earlier version, the more effort is needed to merge back new improvements.  So in fact moving to V11 on Linux does not cost us, but saves us effort.


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