PDF export - all layouts without model space?

I often use PDF  export through EXPORT command. When I set up all layouts to export (PdfLayoutsToExport =1), all of the layouts are exported including model space. Is there a way to exclude model space, so that only layouts would be exported? I didn't find any way in BricsCAD,  I use pdftk to remove the first page of exported PDF as a workaround.



  •  Hello Tom,

    The publish command probably does what you want.
    • select "PDF" in the "Publish to:" field
    • remove the model space from the sheet list (select it and use the remove icon at top right of the list)
    • choose "One Multi-sheet file" in the "File:" field of the publish options 
    • choose output location and name in the publish options
  • Hi Tijs,
    this is great news for me! I didn't know you could use internal PDF export with the Publish command. This enables much more than what I wanted. I still get error when publishing in background, but otherwise it works as intended.

    Thank you very much,

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