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CUI editing wishlist

I use the menu to enable users to insert blocks an execute lisp routines easily.  I sometimes must edit many of the tools that I have created in the past.  In this case I am changing the path of a file name for a wblock.   The nice thing about modifying the old .mnu files in a text editor was that you could do a search and replace of the text.  The CUI editor would be greatly enhanced with the addition of a search and replace function.

Not a problem just an observation.


  • Of course you can alsol edit .cui files using a text editor. And there are other, perhaps cleverer, ways to handle this type of path data.
  • I prefer to have a separate menu file that is loaded into the default bricscad menu, so that any changes to the default bricscad menu in subsequent releases can take affect without destroying all the work to customize.  I still use the mnu format and it is automatically converted to the cui format the 1st time it is loaded.  I have a lisp function to load this sub-menu that is run via the on_start lisp.
  • There are considerable benefits to editing a custom menu in CUI format, and Roy has described a simple method for automatically keeping your CUI customization after an upgrade, in post #6 at:

  • I also keep a separate mnu file which is loaded as an extra, same as Bruce without the lisp to load it.
    Intellicad had a menu customisation system before cui appeared - I made a pile of customisations in that system before it was dumped, won't get caught again while editing mnu files still works.
  • funny how many people keep the .mnu, I do it also.

    One benefit is you can maintain one .mnu, then compile it for several versions of acad and bcad.

    CUI for the autocad side continues to be the worst "feature" ever implemented IMO. Not just the ditor, but the idea of daisy chained main and partial menus.

    Will the next tell us we can only have two xrefs in a drawing, a main and enterprise, and editing limitations plus bugs on top of that?

  • I also still use MNU together with MNL. My application is modular, a dongle detects the modules that need to be loaded and according MNU's. However i would like to add ribbons, is this even possible using a MNU file ? If not i assume i think i have to make a ribbon tab for each module, but can ribbon tabs be loaded individually and added to the default CUI  from BricsCAD ? Or do i need to make a complete ribbon with all tabs and functions and disable the ones that are not available according the dongle license (greyed out) ?
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