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Bricscad Communicator V15 failed to import stp/step files


When i try to import simple stp files with bricscad it says 'cannot open file'. (communicator v15 also installed with license)
Solidworks (sldprt/sdasm) files work fine but we bought a license so we can import step files.

Anybody know why ?
The 2 files are attached, they have been created with Solidworks 2014 AP203 & AP214


  • For the record, I've been having the same issue with STEP files using BricsCAD V14.2.17 and Communictor V14.   I filed a support request a few weeks ago, but Bricsys hasn't reacted. 

    I just downloaded your STEP files, and they didn't open with V14 either.   I think Communicator was just ported over to V15, and no change or bug fixes were made.
  •  I face the same problem. 
    Cannot open step file. Telling me something about missing right or license.
    This happens with BricsCad Window and Mac Version V15

    Is there meanwhile a solution?

  • For what it's worth, I was able to import both 1.stp and 2.step using BC 15.2.08 and Communicator 15.2.02 and the objects come through fine.

    I've been using STP import for a while. Molex is very generous in making STP models of many of their connectors available via Digikey. Haven't had a problem with any of them, yet.
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