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 Yesterday I started working on a large architectural lighting layout drawing received from an architect.
The entire ceiling is a 2' x  4' grid, and the lighting fixtures are 2' x 4' layins.  
But as I received the drawing the grid and lighting fixtures were on the same layer!!!!

Being new to BricsCad  I thought this will be easy.   Just edit the 2' x 4' block lighting fixrture  (called fluor) and 
everything will be separate layers as I needed.  But I could edit the block and change everything but layer.

I tried attredef  command and still could not separate the layers.

So I created a new layer and used the (move to current layer command) and transferred the light fixture blocks 
one by one to the new layer ???!!!  This was a tedious process.  There must be a better way.   Please assist.

Thanks  H. Hampton.


  • You can use QuickSelect to select entities that share the same property, e.g. all blocks of the same name.
    See the BricsCAD Help under User Guide / Modifying Entities / Selecting Entities / Using Quick Select.
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