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Editing text in version 16

I recently upgraded to Version 16.2.03 and found text editing was much slower. When I double click on single line text it brings up a small popup window that allows me to edit the text. But within 1 second that window looses focus (Even if I am half way through typing something).

A similar problem occurs when editing attributes in a block.

Has anyone else had that problem?


  • I am seeing the same thing, but not while I am typing. If I double click a text entity the 'Edit Text' dialog loses focus almost right away. There seems to be a relation with the TIPS setting. If TIPS=0 the problem does not occur. You should send in an SR.
  • I posted similar a while back but today I found my solution by way of another request for help in an unrelated area. 
    I added this in that post. 
    I was not liking the way boundary lines were being highlighted and the solution was to turn off 3D mode. 

    "This has made a breakthrough in the issue of text losing focus when clicked on for editing. 
    Once "Enable selection of 3D solid edges" is OFF then all works well. 
    Turn ON and when a text is opened for editing BricsCad immediately loses focus. 
    Glad to have that resolved also."

    Wondering if this helps your cause? 
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