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Dimensions: Paper Space or Model Space



  • Very true. However, the motivation is not ease of use, rather the reliability of the dimension value.

    I had not actually investigated the various behaviors in depth before.  I just saw a problem in the paper space dims, and then abandoned them. So, I just now did some tests of my v14.. See the attached DWG.

    In this test I created a solid, dimensioned it, and then edited it.

    Model Space;
    Picking LIne
      Linear dims are associative.
      Diameter dims list as associative but are NOT actually associative.
    Picking Line ends
      Linear dims are associative.

    Paper Space;
    Picking LIne
      Linear dims are not associative.
    Picking ends of lines
      Linear dims are listed as associative but are NOT actually associative.

    On another thread, Roy Klein Gebbinck wrote a routine to select non-associative dimensions.  He also mentioned that it might be possible to write a reactor to change their color. It would at least make the suspect dimensions easy to discern.  But, I am not certain that would solve the problem.  Since, some dims that list as associative  are not actually associative. The thread with his routine is here,


    Model vs Paper Space Dims.dwg

  •  I just realized that I had sent the DWG before I did a final save, while it was open.  So, it is not complete.  Attached is the correct version. 

  •  I sure wish we could edit post.  I hit POST and of course, that is an immediate action that causes me to review if I actually attached the file.  I wish this action would cause me to review this BEFORE I actually click.

    Anyway, here is the correct DWG version.

  •  Hi Joe,

    I've just been dimensioning a solid in a PS viewport.

    I use DLI to invoke the linear dimension command. All linear dimensions are listed as associated and if I change a part of the solid, the dimension changes.. All the dimensions I have placed so far are scaled correctly.

    I use DRA to invoke the radius dimensioning command. When I select an arc or circle, it dimensions it correctly, and to scale, but as soon as you finish the command you get the message "Dimension disassociated." And, indeed, the dimension does not change if an arc or circle is changed, which is what I expect.

    So, for me at lease, dimensioning in paper space works fine, and always has done since I first embraced the concept back in 1994 (there or there abouts). And, when it comes to working with 3D models I would say it is essential to work the way and when all departments follow suit, creating the final drawings for a design is a lot easier.

    Just my opinion though, and my #1 rule is to stick with company procedures. Most of the times though, in the north west of England, and in the discipline I work in, models are just a model and will be cross referenced into a separate file for the creation of a manufacturing/construction drawing.

    Anyway, I ramble on, and as I said... Just my opinion...



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