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DXF files

I am currently using Bricscad 18.2.14 but have Autocad 2012 also in the office on other computers. I have found that DXF files created by Bricscad will not load into Autocad or Civilcad 7.2 (surveying software).
The DWG file will upload fine but fails on the DXF.


  • I think it's best to create a SR with the file attached so we can try to reproduce this behaviour.

  • Mathieu, Is there a variable or setting to set the DXF version to 2010 for example as the default 2018 DXF version may have been the issue.

  • edited February 2019

    How do you create your DXFs? Both with the _SaveAs and the _DxfOut command the user can specify the DXF version.

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