Separate command line history for each drawing file?

Could there be a setting for the command line history to track each drawing file separately during a given session?

It was helpful [in other software] to view the history corresponding only to the active drawing, to remember the last things I did there, say, after returning from working in another file(s) for some time. And if I needed to see again recent commands in a second file, I'd just tab back to it.

The undo stack, despite its quirks, works on a per-drawing basis, as I'd expect. However, the universal command line history obscures the command do/undo sequence when working among multiple drawings.

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  • Steven_g
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    Take a look at 'logfile' in the help, logfiles are off by default, and the location of the files is buried deep in the user system folder, so that is worth changing to somewhere more easily accessible. But once logfiles are turned on they are created for each opened drawing and maintain a complete command line history from opening to closing a drawing. A new file (with a unique name) is created each time you open a drawing, one drawback is they are never automatically deleted, but the file size is relatively small. The files use a *.log extension but they are just plain text files.
    I always have logfiles on, besides keeping a current record of what you have done within a drawing I find it a great way to keep track of what I have worked on for the last month when it comes time to fill in my timesheets from work. The logfiles files have a unique name but it is made up of the drawing name followed by a random number so you can easily find the right one.


  • If you have logging on (probable), you can see your per drawing actions in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V19x64\en_US. Definite not the most user friendly solution, but with a shell script or some coding it is adaptable.

  • Thank you, both. This is a workable solution. Perhaps with the additional benefits of logfiles, which I hadn't known how to access, I may forget about wanting separate in-session command histories.

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