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Automatically updating sheet set?

edited April 2019 in 2D Drafting

Hi everyone, new to the forum and bricscad as well.
I have been working for a company for about 6 months now and am just learning the ropes of this software.
I am going through a lot of old drawings and converting multiple drawings for a single product into 1 cad file.

Long story short sometimes I have to go through somewhere between 10-20 sheets and update each sheet number manually. I'm wondering if there is a way to somehow "link" the separate sheets together so when I change one title block to say for example.. "SHEET 1 OF 15" ...The rest of the sheets will at least change to 15?

I noticed there is a discussion similar to my question about 4 pages back but there was never a direct answer.

Hopefully this question makes sense.

Any help would be awesome!
Thanks, Brad


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