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Load Selection in console ERROR

(setq lst '(1 74678.6 53741.6 0.0))

(setq result
      (vl-string-subst "" ")"
        (vl-string-subst "" "(" (vl-prin1-to-string lst))

Loading this in the Console causes this error
; error : malformed list on input at [read]

The statement inside the result assignment CAN be loaded sucessfully.

What is the address for the development team so this can be sent direct ( next time )


  • Dear Kerry,

    many thanks for reporting ... I will check this scenario to see what goes wrong.

    "What is the address for the development team so this can be sent direct ( next time )"
    normally, just send us a support request, it will be handled by the support and development team then.

    Where necessary, small dwg file(s) and code snippets can be attached there as well.
    many greetings !

  • Thanks Torsten
    Version 19.2.07 (x64) revision 61634 en_us
    Win 10

  • Dear Kerry,
    thanks for providing the version :smile: I would have asked for this anyway ...
    just checking the problem ...
    more to come & many greetings !

  • Dear Kerry,

    I found and fixed that problem (for V20) ...
    you might bypass the problem by using "Load Selection in BricsCAD", the result is also shown in Console window/panel.

    thanks & greetings !

  • Thanks Torsten.
    I appreciate the effort and attention to detail.

    As an aside, a cleaner solution to the programming purpose was suggested by Roy :

    (vl-string-trim "()" (vl-prin1-to-string lst))


  • Ah, yes ... as we all know, Roy is a real wizard :smile:
    many greetings !

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