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3D sections in an sheet

how do i us e 3d sections in an sheet? I use them in my modelspace, but they affect all the layouts. When using the BIM tool they become 2d
i would like to make sheets with parts of the project.


  • Let's assume two SectionPlanes 'A' and 'B' were created in model space. Leave their 'Clip Display' property off.
    Add 3 viewports on a layout.
    Double-click inside viewport 1 to activate model space and switch the Clip Display property of SectionPlane A On.
    Double-click inside viewport 2 to activate model space and switch the Clip Display property of SectionPlane B On.
    Viewport 3 shows the model without section planes being activated.

    The above example illustrates how to obtain views showing your project with different sections applied.

    By default a section plane is created with 'Plane' state. Switching the state property to 'Volume' makes it easy to show a detail of the project.

  • Thanks. didn't look for it there.
    in BIM the 2d plans are link to an different dwg. is there a way to export the 3d view?

  • The SectionPlaneToBlock command brings up a dialog which has a 'Destination' section.
    It allows to choose between putting the result in another drawing or in a block in the current drawing.

    Not sure though what you mean with the 3d view, do you have some drawing to illustrate what you try to achieve?

  • sections like this.

    400 x 254 - 72K

  • a view like this.

    400 x 254 - 72K
  • 13.00m-Harbour-Tug-Sepehr-Accomm-Layout-1.jpg
    1000 x 693 - 195K
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