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existing/new/demolish in bim


does anyone have a good approach on how to handle the aforementioned states that building elements can have? I have several thoughts, but nothing really works satisfyingly..

  • I used to just put geometry on the according layers and have them display in different colors on the plan views. looking at all different kinds of bim comonents, this would mean creating multiple duplicates of the whole bim library (and creating layers like DOOR_LEAF/DOOR_LEAF_NEW/DOOR_LEAF_DEMO etc..).
  • I tried to get it working using compositions, but again, bim components break the deal (can't assign a "window_new" composition to the whole window from outside the block).
  • Putting everything inside the component definition on layer 0 and set colors to byblock, but that doesn't work as soon as you want to make use of the BIM_2D/+ layers

would be interesting to see how other people handle this, or also to hear from bricsys what they have in mind...



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    I think that would be a feature wish for a kind of
    data visualization.
    Where you include your state information just in
    your BIM Tags and information but Bricscad allows
    a temporary color overlay in visualization mode.

    At least that is what others offer.

    I am also not sure how I should organize my Versioning,
    where I have to visualize and switch between different
    geometry options for a building.

  • that'd be nice indeed, a bim property and then the sections pick it up and display everything according to a specified color...

  • Have you tried filtering using a search field property in the structure browser? I’m sure you could add a user defined Property say Status and assign values of new existing and as built and then filter by these values in the structure browser
  • edited December 2019

    Ah, not about just displaying states but filtering.
    Yes, I also think you could configure the structure panel to
    filter and set visibilities.
    (Which are unfortunately temporary and lost after closing a file)

    Then we are near to my problem though.
    If you have defined properties to allow selections - how to separate
    them reliably ?

    If you do all attributes by object instead of by layer, you have layers
    free to switch states. But is that a good idea in general ?

    My other idea was to put all my special state elements into external
    reference files.
    I saw that it is easy to pull elements out of the reference into your file
    pretty easy, but AFAIK that does not work they other way.
    Like when certain elements become member of a special state,
    that you can add that to the Reference File - from and while working
    in your main file.
    (Just by cut + paste ?)

    Any other idea ?

  • You can use and or not operands for filtering with parameter values - pretty much unlimited, I would imagine layer name is also a parameter value you can filter by. After filtering being able to assign a named selection set that is saved would be powerful
  • I see some potential with filtering while in model space.

    But how does @Lukas Fertig get his separation for his
    generated 2D Plans in paper space ?
    Especially using Blocks and Components.
    Like showing demolish parts in one plan while hiding in another.
    Isn't the only visibility control in paper space by Layer ?

    I'm not experienced with 2D CAD and plans.
    And in my case I would also need a "physical" separation as I need
    to bring it over in 3D Exports.
    (By Layers, by referencing Files or whatever)

    Coming from Vectorworks or Allplan,
    beside Layers, there is always Layers+Classes.
    Basically 2 equal systems beside each other. And in combination
    of both you can multiply the possibilities of visibility control.
    So for example there is no need to duplicate Layers like :
    As you have your standard DOOR_LEAF Layer and separate
    EXISTING/NEW/DEMO by another system.

    BIM Structure Panel offers the same or endless more and is
    even dynamic - but it is temorary and gone after closing the App.

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