(V20)MULTILEADER does not display the character size correctly.

(settings) When drawing with both the text size and arrow size set at 2 mm and the overall scale set at 5, only the text is drawn at 2 x 5 x 5 = 50 mm. If you copy it and edit only the text, only the text is multiplied by 5 (50 x 5 = 250 mm). MULTILEADER is also known to decompose when opened with AUTOCAD.


  • Put in a bug report on the support page. I did because V20 has misaligned my multileader. So I think the new v20 multileader system is faulty.

  • Yes, I did.
    I received the following reply.

    Our developers are aware of this issue, I will return with future notice when the problem is fixed.
    Best Regards,

    Thank you.

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