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How to update all or some Sections

Is there a possibility to select some or all sections to update?
now I am struggling a bit, updating 30 Sections one by one.

Best Answers

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    In the Structure panel click the Sections node to select all sections then choose BimUpdateSection in the Quad. See movie.

  • To select a set of sections, expand the Sections node in the Structure panel. Press and hold the Ctrl-key when selecting sections or section groups (e.g. Elevations, Plans, ...)


  • Thank You Louis!
    This is what I was looking for.

    In the project browser, the Shetsets don't change the "out of date" status after update

    its a bug?

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  • I have same experience of them not updating
  • Can someone answer this, I have same issue and sheets will not auto update after folliwng this method

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