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Changing how right click command information is presented

Is there a way of changing how the right click command information is presented.

At the moment when i right click either with items selected or not i get a box showing all commands as icons. Is there anyway of having this shown as a list (sim to as it does in Autocad)?

Thank Lou


  • edited March 31

    That is a Bricscad Special Feature, called "Quad" menu.

    You can customize Quad behavior, when to appear or if at all
    in Status Bar and Settings.

    I think, to get the same functionality for a standard text based
    RMB option menu, you have to go into CUI Customization Dialog
    and add a lot of Tools manually from several Tabs in the Dialog.
    Like Mouse behavior and such.

  • To display the Shortcut Menu when the Quad is active you must do a 'long right click' (= hold down the right mouse button a bit longer). This behavior is controlled through bitcode 16 of the SHORTCUTMENU system variable. Edit this variable to control the shortcutmenu mode (default, edit or command).

  • Perfect thanks Louis :)

    Thanks to all the respondees

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