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Settting prompt history lines

Is there a way to set the number of lines for prompt history when prompt history is always on and docked? I see 4 lines. I'd rather see two or three. The documentation says to either drag the top of the window down using the double arrow icon (but there is no double arrow when I hover over the top border) or use CLIPROMPTLINES (which reports as a non-existent function at the command line and does nothing for docked prompt history when changed in Settings).



  • The dialog settings are in reg at:
    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V20x64\en_US\Profiles\HA 2020\Toolbars\COMMANDLINE
    mine are: show bottom 0 0 1920 100
    so I get if you modify that 100 number, with no sessions open, you can control that.

  • James,

    Thanks for the suggestion. It appears that Bricscad resets this when the program opens. My registry shows: show bottom 0 5 1829 100. Resetting the 100 to 75 with no instances of Bricscad open then opening Bricscad causes the value to reset to 100. I'll have to try writing to the registry within an open instance.

  • I checked my laptop and the double arrow shows there. The laptop installation of Bricscad is a clone of the desktop installation. I guess that points to video card and or driver issues.

  • Hmm, that may be a read only setting in reg.
    Acad does a similar thing where it stores settings in the profile xml thing in your %appdata% folder.
    Another approach is to export your profile to .arg, and see where commandline pops up.
    That is likely going to reveal the setting.

  • edited April 2020

    So I did two profile exports with different commandline heights, I compared and got:
    Compare: C:\Users\james\Desktop\HA 2020 8 lines.arg (107666 bytes)
    with: C:\Users\james\Desktop\HA 2020 4 lines.arg (107666 bytes)
    "COMMANDLINE"="show bottom 0 0 1920 172"
    "COMMANDLINE"="show bottom 0 0 1920 102"

    so seems the WNDPMAIN setting needs to be touched as well as COMMANDLINE setting in reg.

  • @James: Thanks for the suggestions.

    Turns out I needed to hold the CTRL key down to see the double arrow because I have the User Interface locked on the desktop computer.

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