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Screen update interrupted

edited December 2019 in 3D Modeling

Does anyone has any idea of this bug (Screen update was interrupted because of unknown error) or has dealt with it? It occurs mostly when changing visual style when in a 3d view and it does not leaves the screen, not allowing me to save, hence forcing me to force quit.

Please, I would appreciate any help or thoughts.


See the message:


  • Try running REDSDKINFO from the BricsCAD command line and check the results. Also perhaps run DxDiag if you're in Windows.

  • I have the same issue but it happens when I thaw layers. Never had this issue with v18, started with v19 and continues with v20. Happened on my old Intel I7 with SLI'd Nvidia and also continues with my new Ryzen 9 3950x with Radeon video card, so I would think it is not hardware related.

    I did submitted this as a bug report and Bricsys was not able to reproduce this extremely and costly (lost work) crash.

    Ps. turned off all multithreaded options too, with no avail.

  • I'm also having this issue. It appears to be random. My drawings are 2D model space only. So far I've always been asked whether to save a recovery file and so far I have not lost work. The problem has gotten far worse in V20.2. Neither REDSDKINFO nor DxDiag report anything useful.

    The log file for today's crash shows that I successfully turned all layers on. The toolbar button is assigned a command of


    and the log shows the correct prompts for that. After the line that read ": REGEN" there were thousands of lines in the log with just ":".

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    @Richard Webb said:
    Try running REDSDKINFO from the BricsCAD command line and check the results. Also perhaps run DxDiag if you're in Windows.

    What does it actually do ?

    For me it shows my hardware, driver and quite a lot of OpenGL features supported.
    Would it show any warnings if graphic features would be missing ?

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    I'm getting a lot of these too! Most of the times accompanied with a save recover fortunately.
  • Same here. Happens a lot. Any solutions?

  • I've been having this issue as well lately, since updating to the latest version of BricsCAD. It happened just a moment ago - I had turned a layer off and did regenall, and boom, crashed. Fortunately it let me save a recovery file, but it's still incredibly annoying.

  • I filed a support request and the Bricscad staff was able to duplicate the condition. It has been forwarded to the developers. The crash they were able to duplicate involved PASTECLIP, MOVE, and REGEN.

  • I have customers experiencing the same issue occuring more in V20.2.
    Martin, could you please leave a comment when the issue would be fixed?

  • This seems to have been fixed in V20.2.05-1 English Windows. Bricscad tech support traced the problem I had to pasting from the clipboard. The report in the README that I think applies is "A copy-pasteclip bug that is basically impossible to describe is now fixed."

  • We have been having the same problems.
    I had been using V18 through to October 2020 without a problem.
    Upgraded to V20 to learn the BIM features for which we had earlier purchased a license, and the problems of locked up BricsCAD began.
    Sent a bug report to Bricsys and got no reply.
    Upgraded hardware and upgraded and reinstalled Win7 to Win 10 for other reasons and the problems continued.
    Upgraded to BricsCAD V21 and the problem seemed to get worse.
    Now have a crash with about 20 % of changes to viewport rendering styles.
    Often seems to happen when there is a concurrent AutoSave running.
    Using Nvidia P1000 graphics card.
    Changed graphics drivers from Windows default to Nvidia 382 series did not help.
    Now using Nvidia 392 ODE series driver which is current stable from Nvidia does not help.
    Now running out of ideas and patience when the lock-up and discard drawing happens every hour with busy drawings.

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