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Creating a new layer

Is there a way to create a new layer that inherits the properties of the currently selected layer in?
Anyone knows? Pls help me
Thanks a lot


  • That is exactly what happens: a new layer is created as a copy of the currently selected layer. Please notice this is not necessarily the 'current' layer, which is the layer where new entities are created on.

  • He means when you pick the new layer button in layer manager, in upper left.
    It copies the current layer.
    If you use the command line -Layer, it uses defaults (white, continuous...).
    So you have to explain how you are making the layer for us to solve your problem.
    You could easily make a key-in to do what you want in lisp in one step if that sounds good.

  • As @Louis Verdonck said,

    when you select a Layer in Layer Panel and press the new Layer Icon,
    it will create a new Layer with the same Attributes as the selected Layer.
    I always use this when creating Layers.

    Never tried what happens when you do not select a Layer before creating one.
    Default attributes, attributes from last selected Layer days ago, from active Layer
    or whatever.

    Not sure if it is what you really want.
    Like someway with no Layer Panel, no Layer selected and just wish when creating
    a new Layer in any way - that it uses attributes from active Layer,
    or such.

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