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Blockify and Block Descriptions

So I am a convinced Blockify user, and find that in many of my drawings in the MEP Field it is a real time saver. I do have a special need, but am not sure of how to go about it. I am on BricsCAD 19. and I do a lot of Fire Alarm and Security System design work. With conventional Blocks I can add Attributes, say to a Horn/Strobe 15cd (candela) and 001-001 (device ID). Now I cannot seem to program the Block into an Auto Count for the Device ID, I have to change each one when I add it to the drawing (which is very time consuming). If I use a standard Block, is there a way to have each time I place the block that the Device ID based upon any beginning criteria I want to use, so that it will Auto Count 001-001, click the next block insert point and 001-002, 001-003, all the way until I have entered all the devices. And is it possible to do the same thing with Blockify (I click the first group entity it sets the Auto Count at say 001-001, then for each item that it auto Blockify's it will count up by one-001-002 on and on. I hope I have described the process I am looking to do in a manner that is easily understood. Thanks All.


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