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Strangeness - Using Text Override with angle dimension

Hi all,

I don't know what I'm missing, but I've noticed that if you try to use the Text Override option with an angular dimension, the dimension text just disappears. The reason I like to override the text is because it drives me nuts when the dimension displays 45°". I just want 45°.

Text Override works fine with other dimensions just fine.

What's the trick?

Best Answer


  • Hmmm...

    While looking at this more closely, the DIMSTYLE settings appear to be global settings. So, if I clear the field for the " inch symbol from the Dim Suffix field, it clears it for all dimensions; not just the angular dimensions.

    And, creating a new Dimstyle just for the few times I'm using angular dimensions doesn't seem very efficient.

    If the text override entry causes the angle text to disappear, that's still a bug in the software.

    For now, the better workaround for me is adding my angular dimension, selecting the dimension, and then clearing the " inch symbol from the Dim Suffix just for that dimension. All other dimensions maintain the correct suffix.

  • Roy's advice is right, better to set your DIMSTYLE up correctly rather than use overrides. In this case I suggest that you investigate creating a Child Style. This will allow you to specify how you want your angular dimensions to look.

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  • I would suggest looking at the DIMLUNITS of the dimtyle first.

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