What setting controls the contrast ...

for the 3 options and the status bar elements SNAP, GRID, ... that are 'OFF'?


  • Ah, yes, ....
    Dark Mode still has some flaws here and there.
    Maybe there is no Setting but coded into GUI.

    I think that needs a feature/change request and they
    will change it.

  • :(

    I was hoping there was a setting and I was just unable to find it.

    I guess I'll eventually learn positionally where things are. Now I have to hover over the dark boxes in the status bar to get a hint as to what it represents.

  • "Dark Mode still has some flaws here and there" - I guess this is true on windows, but on Linux, it is quite a mess of hardcoded values and theme-dependent settings. My preferred gtk-theme (Numix) looks horrible with dark-interface enabled, the standard gnome-theme in dark-mode (Adwaita:dark) looks already more decent, but the missing contrast of the status bar buttons is shared by both. IMO, BricsCAD would need a preference to switch between selected themes when you switch dark-mode. See for example the attached theme preference dialog that Inkscape offers - a real role model.

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