Anyone switched from Autodesk Revit to BricsCAD BIM?

Hi, first time post, so I hope I have this in the right section!

I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has switched from Autodesk Revit to BricsCAD BIM. I'd like genuine genuine comment on the process with pros and cons.

I''ve been using Revit since 2006 for architectural purposes, so I'm fully aware of the capabilities and negatives of Revit. My intention is to fully test BricsCAD BIM (and other software).

Thanks in advance,


  • wow, I wonder if the Bricscad tools are even meant to do that. Great question as I am wondering what role the bcad BIM abilities fill.

  • I am very interested too.

  • I just started using BricsCAD, I use Revit all day and have for 10 years. There are things I love about Revit but...well, lets not get started on that.

    BricsCAD seems like a fresh approach in a field that was stale. I am still very much getting my feet wet but I will report back when I develop a higher level of competence with the app.

  • Kin
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    Hi Elbo,

    First of all, welcome to the Bricsys Forum and secondly, thanks for your post.

    I aim to keep my reply here as impartial as possible - like a few others here I have been using/have used Revit since 2009/10 professionally and academically, until I hopped on the BricsCAD BIM boat early this year. For a start, I think it really depends on how your design process/ workflow goes about in your practice culture, but I find BricsCAD BIM offering that flexibility in the early design stages which subsequently provided leeway to also readjust design fees per project stage proportionate to time + effort spent.

    Putting a long list of compare and contrast/ pros and cons between them will take a long time, and also there are things which are like chalk and cheese.. Is it ok if I passed your interest on to one of our Business Development Managers and we could set up a meeting to take this further?

    Many thanks.

    Kind regards
    KIn Chung Chu RIBA

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