Toolbars rearrange themselves. Now, one is invisible no matter what I do.

I removed the BricsCAD license from my box and upgraded Ubuntu to V20, fully patched. I then put the license back and all my toolbars were gone. This has happened to me before, so I had a list of my favorites and put them back manually.

Everything was fine for a few days and today, one of my toolbars (Inquiry) is gone and another (Standard) was only half invisible off the top left of my screen. The grab for Standard wasn't visible, so I couldn't move it. I kept trying different things and somehow, I don't know how, I eventually dragged Standard into the drawing area as a large rectangle. I pulled all the toolbars down into the drawing area as rectangles and couldn't find the Inquiry toolbar but the system said it was visible. By checking and unchecking the Inquiry toolbar, I noticed a change in the screen. The images are for Inquiry Unchecked and Checked.

Apparently Inquiry is sitting atop the drawing name area. How do I move it so I can see it?


  • Hmm, toolbars in Linux are a bit of a pain I noticed too. If you're willing to drag them around again, you might want to change their size, hoping they jump to grab-able places. I.e. command ToolButtonSize and a different value. Don't get mad at me if your screen becomes a mess :-)

    I had a toolbar under "properties" (ctrl-1) and a similar experience, hence.

  • Wiebe van der Worp
    Thank you - I'll give that a try.

    I had the Inquiry toolbar vertically in the lower right corner. How it ended up horizontal in the upper left is a mystery.

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