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Using Bricscad at home due to Covid-19

Just wanted to clarify as I came down with the virus last September. What I did back then was simply downloaded
the 30-day Bricscad trial so I could keep working at home. Is this what everybody else is doing or is transferring
the license from work to the home computer preferable?


  • for sure, its transferring the license. I would bet the trial is not to be used for commercial work, though they would never know.
    Those with VPN and network seats can just pull from the lic server as usual.

  • I agree.

    If you have a standard license number,
    you have 2 activations. Like for Desktop and Notebook, home and home office
    or Mac and PC, ....
    Also you can give activations back in License Manager via internet, like for switching
    the activation to a new computer and such.
    So there should be no problem for you to work from home.

    For other licensing option like corporate server licenses, I would file a service request
    or ask the IT guys about the license terms and how to check out a license.

  • If you have a network license you can roam with it.

    The single user license agreement is for a single user. Each single user license allows two activations. You can install it on two machines, for example on a workstation in the office and on a laptop in the field. However, only one license can be in use at once. Single user licensing is available for perpetual or rental licensing. Academic licenses are always single-user.

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