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Apple Silicon



  • Well, in the past V20 did not work on Big Sur beta.
    First V21B did.
    But with following releases that always switched between
    both versions, which runs and which not.

    Currently on Intel Mac Big Sur, both V20/V21 are running.

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    For me I can't print in V21 on Intel. I get crazy lines all over the place and it crashes opening some drawings. I sent in a bug report to them so I will will just pay for Autocad until V21.2 or 3 or 4 or V22. I was hoping to save some money but man I didn't realize how much I missed editing dynamic blocks. Autocad works perfect on M1 as a side note...

  • V21 does definitely not work at all for me on Apple Silicon.

    But V20 doesn't really work either.
    In 40% of cases V20 offers the same bahavior like V21 and crashes
    already when trying to open existing files, while a second try may
    be successful. (ok that is something Mac users are used to anyway)
    But today V20 will crash with any attempt to open anything.

  • Hmmh,
    all my Apps are running fine.
    3D Apps like Modo, from the beginning, with current Betas even better.
    Cinema4D in my R21 version, 2 years behind, flawlessly,
    Vectorworks 2021 like a charm, Blender and Twinmotion, also via Rosetta,
    and everything peripheral Apps, except 32 bit Apps, without any issues
    on M1 Mini.

    Just Bricscad V20 does not really, V21 not at all.
    I really start missing Direct Modeling and Bricscads AI.

  • No V20 doesn't work for me either.
    (11.3 latest Public Beta)

    It crashes more often that it opens a file.

  • Michael & betazero, I see the latest beta version BricsCAD-V21.2.01-1-en_US that came out yesterday addresses the 22 Service Requests for "M1 Rosetta" so hopefully V21.2.01 will now work on your M1's.
    Really keen to see if that is the case. You would need to register as a Beta user to be notified of it I think.
    V21.2.01 does seem smoother than V21.1.06 on my Intel MBP but I have not done much on it yet. Communicator is also still working correctly.

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    As it is likely a Beta so I would not talk about it in public.

    But I agree with your experiences .... ;)

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    I realized there is now also an official V21.1.09 for every OS.
    Did any one check if it will also run on M1 Macs ?

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    V21.1.09 is running very nice on my 2018 i3 Mini, not really interested in even loading it on my M1 as I'm sure it won't be a great experience.

  • Hmmh,
    Went from the Beta we aren't allowed to talk about to official V21.2.02
    and hmmm it is still crashing a lot on my M1 Mini.
    Have to test a bit more though ...

    But Now my V20 crashes all the time when I want to open ANY file.
    I had the latest Big Sur 11.3 Public Beta yesterday (Beta5 ?)
    I had the new 3DConnexion Beta driver yesterday.

    (3D Connection is mentioned on Top of Tasks, but Bricscad is mentioned as crashing task though)
    ((At least not RedSDK as always))

    So I am not sure if that is the V20 weakness crashing after V21 being installed,
    (mentioned by "forgot the user name) or just a new thing.
    Does V20/V21 work for you with latest official Big Sur 11.2.x ?

  • (mentioned by "forgot the user name)

    It was @betazero of course ....

  • :) Who little old me? Yea V21 and V20 do not play nice on Mac at least.

  • official V21.2.02
    and hmmm it is still crashing a lot on my M1 Mini.

    Filed some Service Requests.

    The good news :
    The developers are aware of those issues and are working on fixing them,
    so that (later ?) V21.2 will be able to work on M1 Macs via Rosetta.

  • I see MacOS 11.3 has been released. Has anyone (@Michael Mayer or @betazero ?) running an M1 CPU updated and tried to see how V20 or V21 runs now ?

  • I have 11.3 since public Beta.
    It still did not fix the BiG Sur problems
    (after wake up : external disk not thrown out properly, monitor awakes at wrong resolution, ....)

    I see V20 crashing when I try to open an existing file from Start Screen.

    V21 works so that I can examine my files.
    But there still are lots of M1 issues.
    Opening Command Line can freeze Bricscad, File Tabs gone, GUI/Palette issues, OpenGL issues, ...
    which are being in repair. But I would wait for the next release with fixes, before using Bricscad
    seriously on M1.

  • Thanks @Michael Meyer.
    I noted you had the 11.3 Beta running but was wondering if the final Gold Master was an improvement. Really waiting to see the M1 running BricsCAD properly and hopefully natively (not on Rosetta) before getting an M1 (M2?). Hopefully the 14 and 16" MBP will also be released by then.

    I should add I am still on Catalina (10.15.7) and V20 & V21 are OK on this 2018 Intel MBP. Reluctant to upgrade to Big Sur until I feel confident it will not break my system. Spare 2015 MBP is still on 10.14.6 as it runs some 32 bit programs. Might update that to Big Sur first.

  • I use Big Sure only since first public beta and there were issues.
    I think the most Big Sur issues are already fixed.
    (beside the long lasting things that might even happen in Mojave)
    So I would not mind going Big Sur on Intel Macs.

    It is more about these extra issues when running Bricscad on M1
    under Rosetta. These were said to be fixed.
    Yesterday I noticed a new V21.2.03, but no M1 related changes.
    So it might need a few more .0x releases.
    But I am confident that will happen before Apple releasing the first
    Pro MacBooks in 2nd half of 2021.

    If Bricscad finally will run ok on Apple Silicon without issues,
    I am fine for now. Speed and capability is pretty ok on my M1 Mini,
    even with Rosetta penalty. So I could at least work with Bricscad.

    There were hints on the forum that running behind fixing OpenGL
    issues may not be very productive and that Apple Silicon might need
    a bit more love and some deeper changes.
    But I don't expect such a Apple Silicon optimized Bricscad before V22.
    (Which may still happen before the large and more powerful iMacs
    may be available)

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