Bricscad constantly crashing

The program keeps crashing even on the simplest functions: extruding a circle, pulling/pushing a surface.


  • I'm having the same issue with the Windows version, currently crashing when using the manipulator to move geometry or components.
    Doesn't happen with the Linux version.

  • Yeah, this is frustrating. It keeps crashing and I have to keep saving the file after every successful edit.

  • I have found that the program starts to crash alot when there are many interferences. It seems to tolerate up to about a dozen or so and then get unstable. I do a lot of designing and rearranging in 3d, and so get interferences regularly. I have learned to clean up interferences every once in a while to avoid crashing.

  • V20 Pro seems pretty stable. Unless there is a real major issue, I usually stay back a revision to wait for the bugs to get worked out. I don't use every function of BicsCAD though. I just draw 2D architectural drawings. Paper view works great. Model space works fine. The PDF export works great. Lots of things work well.

    Please add copy and paste to the block attributes. CTRL C and CTRL V. Thank you.

  • Crashes I can't blame BricsCAD for.

    Writing over a dynamically linked library, BricsCAD does not like that.

  • V20 BricsCAD and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop still working well. Will look at upgrading to V21 in a few months.

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